Convert Word Document to PDF

Do you realise you can save a Office document into PDF format via Office 2007 or newer version of Microsoft Office.
If you are using Office 2007 or newer version, it has a really cool feature which allow you to save the document, E.g. Word, Excel, Power Point as a PDF/XPS document.

Here it is the step:

1) Click on the Menu icon at the top of the “Microsoft Word” (Or Excel/Power Point)

2) Select “Save As
3) On the “Save a copy of Document” Menu
4) Click on “PDF or XPS”
5) Then you can select PDF from the “Save as Type

6) After entering the file name and click “Save
7) A PDF file should appear on the location where you save the document in.
*When I have time I will create another post about an altertinative way to covert file to PDF = )

Hope you find it useful.

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