How to Install SQL2000 on Win7

Finally, I have rebuilt the computer at work and put Win7 64bit on. It is a decent computer, I started to use it last April and it run XP64bit. Unfortunately, it does not work properly, the printer driver did not work properly[it always has network problem, e.g. drop SQL connection randomly], which lost the purpose of having that powerful computer…
After installed the Win7, I would need to install all other software that I use, the first software I can think of is SQL2000 Enterprise Manager [It is a good tools for you to do simple query/ edit data and tables].  
When I try to install SQL2000 on Windows7 by using auto-run, it did not let me, because of the compatibility problem. 
I try to find a solution online, however, I found a link on Microsoft, they said SQL2000 will not work on Win7/SQL2008…Then I try to work around this problem.

Here it is work around:
1) On the CD/DVD drive Click on “Open“, you will then see the content of the disk

2) find a file called “setup.bat
3) double click on it, you will see the pop-up warning about “Program Compatibility

4) Click on “Run Program
5) Then another pop-up appear explain 
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition server component is not supported on this operating system. Onlu client components will be available for installation.” [which is fine for me.]

6) Then the installation screen appear.
7) You can then carry on to install SQL Server 2000 by following the on screen steps.
Another work around, [which I have not try properly is]
1) Right click on the CD/DVD drive and select “Troubleshoot compatibilty
2) The “Program Compatibility” dialog will appeal

3) Then select “Try recommended setting” and follow the instruction -> you may need to restart after apply for the settings.

I would be grateful, you can you let me know whether this could help you install SQL2000 in your version of Win7 too.

Hope you found it useful!!!
Good luck =)

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