Code 8007000D Windows Update encountered an unknown error

When I try to use Windows update today by clicking on the “Check for updates” link on Windows 7. It come up with the error below:
An error occured while checking for new update for your computer
Error(s) found: “Code 8007000D Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

Because this computer is on the network, the windows update is managed by one of the Server. Therefore when I try to retrieve update, it does not work properly. This is the Win7 machine I just setup, I think it would be better to install all the avaliable update. At the end I click on the link below.

Check online for updates from Microsoft Update“.

I found several update for me.

If you had similar problem,  hope you found this useful. I would suggest you to talk to your System Administrator to enable Window Update for Windows 7 on the WIndows Server.

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