Windows Phone Emotion Icon for Messaging – Windows Phone 的信息表情符號

今天在網頁上看到有朋友介紹在Windows PhoneSend Message時的Emotional Icon
[其實他們和MSN 上的ICON 的 keyboard short cut是差不多的]


英文意思 文字代表 Emotion Icon
Smiley 🙂
Nerd 8-|
I don’t know smile :^)
Open mouth 😀
Sick +o(
Annoyed :-\
Wink 😉
Sleepy |-)
Groucho (jk)
Surprise :O
Thinking *-)
Ninja (j)
Tongue out 😛
Don’t tell :-#
Envy (V)
Hot (H)
Secret :-*
Laughing out loud (lol)
Angry :@
Sarcastic ^o)
Rolling on the floor laughing (rotfl)
Confused :S
Eye roll 😎
Alien :8)
Embarrassed :$
Devil (6)
Flirt female (ff)
Sad L
Angel 天使 (A)
Flirt male (fm)
Cry :’(
Vampire bat :[
Freezing :’|
Disappointed 😐
Be right back (brb)
In love :]
Baring teeth 8o|
Shifty ;-\
Who me? 我是誰? (wm)
Steaming mad ;@
Punk *\
Ghost (boo)


Emotion Icon 文字代表 英文意思
(tu) Turtle
(ol) Plate
(||) Bowl
(so) Soccer ball
(co) Computer
(st) Storm cloud
(pu) Point up
(D) Drinks
(B) Beer
(@) Cat
(&) Dog
(sn) Snail
(S) Moon
(xx) Xbox
<o) Party
(pi) Pizza
(E) e-mail
(ip) Island
(mo) Money
(mp) Mobile
(h5) High five
(li) Lighting
(wo) Work
(‘.’) Bunny
(bus) Bus
*p* Peace
*s* School
(M) Messenger
(^) Birthday cake
(G) Gift
(yn) Fingers crossed
(um) Umbrella
(*) Star
(bah) Black sheep
(L) Heart
(U) Broken heart
(C) Coffee
(W) Wilted flower
(K) Kiss

Hope you find it useful

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