Nokia Repair Services Review Part 4 – Escalate the issue regarding Nokia Repair Centre Failed to repair my phone properly

Nokia Care Escalation Team finally contact me on Friday evening 9th Nov 2012 [the day after I emailed them and sent off the Nokia Repair Feedback form] regarding the issue I had after Nokia Repair Centre repair my phone. I has explained the situation again, and would like Nokia Care to arrange another collection for me and also ask them to put a notes to inform Nokia Repair Centre to provide me a test report after repairing my Nokia Lumia 800. However, they said the tools which they use to book for delivery has been removed from their system, I have to arrange it by myself. They have emailed me the instruction, what I need to do in order to book for collection and repair of the Nokia Lumia 800.

In the conversation, I have asked
if Nokia would provide a replacement phone to the client when my Nokia Lumia 800 has been send out to the Nokia Repair Centre, which mean I will not be able to use my phone for next few days, it could takes 5-10 working days.

They said Nokia do not have this services, If I go to Nokia Repair Centre, maybe I could ask the staff in the Nokia Repair Centre and see what they can do.
The problem is If I do go to Nokia Repair Centre, I guess the cost for transportation, could probably enough for me to get a low cost android phone, as this is the second time I need to send off the phone to the Nokia Repair Centre, it cause more inconvenience, as I do not expect, I could not use the phone for the long.

Also I have explained to them, how I felt Nokia Repair Centre is not professional and would like them to add a note to the Nokia Repair Centre, whoever deal with my case. I would like them to provide me the QA/ device test result, to ensure everything on my Nokia Lumia 800 works properly before sending it back to me. As I felt like it is waste of my time, if the device still have problem, why do they send me back. E.g. are they trying to just finish to case, to show how efficient Nokia Repair Centre is? E.g. the volume of the case they could fix within small period of time?

Shall I say Nokia Repair Centre is not very thoughtful?
This is the reason of why I felt Nokia Repair Centre is NOT PROFESSIONAL:

As they do trust what client said which part of the phone did not work and fix that part, and ignore any hidden issue of the device. Instead of using some tools to diagnose and check, if there are any more problem on the device? As engineer/developer should understood that, Customer/Client is the user, they may not know the device that well, how could you trust the issue that Client think the device has, is the real issue on the device?
After talking to Nokia Care Escalation Team for 15 – 20 mins, they have agreed that, they will ask Nokia Repair Centre to provide a test/QA report for me, when the device has been repaired.

I have go through the information they sent me to book the repair for my Nokia Lumia 800 again, which will be collect on Monday 12th Nov 2012, I hope it will be fix by Thursday 15th Nov 2012.
Wish me Luck
To be continue…

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