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The version of Silverlight you have requested is not yet publicly available — Silverlight 4 and ASP.Net 4.0, AJAX, MVC2 and Visual Studio 2010 release Date

I have created several mini Silverlight 4 application, which I would like to collect feedback from friends. However, Silverlight 4 is not release yet. When my friend load up the Silverlight page. They have received the pop-up like below.

After you click on Install now it redirect you to the page, which said
The version of Silverlight you have requested is not yet publicly available

Hopefully Silverlight 4 and ASP.Net 4.0, AJAX, MVC2 and Visual Studio 2010 will be release on 12-14 April 2010. Then you can try out my Silverlight Mini Application

For more information please visit URL below

Silverlight Language Translator Beta2 — Google Translator

I have created another Silverlight mini application, which use Google Translate API. It seems to work better than my previous application.

I would be grateful if you can give me some feedback.
i.e. Feature that you want to add…etc

<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

Where is System.Web.Silverlight.dll ?

When I try to work on a silverlight application today, I realise that I am not able to add System.Web.Silverlight reference and could not find this DLL on my computer. I tried to find it on
“C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsSilverlight”
“C:Program FilesMicrosoft Silverlight3.0.50106.0”
At the end. I find some article online and they said, System.Web.Silverlight is not in Silverlight3 SDK. If you would like to get it you will need to download it from the URL below.

After downloaded and extract “Source Code ASP.NET Server Controls for Silverlight – Samples” you should be able to find the System.Web.Silverlight.dll inside the ASPNETServerControlsSilverlight folder .

Hope you find it useful.

進行要求時發生錯誤。這可能是因為嘗試以跨網域方式存取服務,而沒有適當的跨網域原則所造成,或是由不適用於 SOAP 服務的原則所造成。您可能需要聯絡服務的擁有者,以發佈跨網域原則檔案,並確定它允許傳送 SOAP 相關的 HTTP 標頭

I had received the error above when I try to use create a WCF service for my Silverlight application. I has spend several hours try to solve it.
Finally I found a solution for it from the Internet. What you need to do is to place a crossdomain.xml and clientpolicy.xml into the web-server’s root directory. (if you are testing your service from your Visual Studio, you can place it to the service’s project folder). Then you should be able to get around this problem.
These file can make the service available across domain boundaries
Here it is the reason of why we need those files from MSDN
Using for cross-domain communication requires guarding against several types of security vulnerability that can be used to exploit Web applications. Cross-site forgery is a class of exploits that becomes a threat when allowing cross-domain calls. This exploit involves a malicious Silverlight control transmitting unauthorized commands to a third-party service, without the user’s knowledge

I am not sure how to paste XML code here.
If you are interest about the crossdomain.xml and clientaccesspolicy, please visit the URL below.

Hope you find it useful