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Windows Text-To-Speech – 電腦的小玩意 Windows 的 Text To Speech 功能


就是利用 Microsoft WindowsSpeech Recognition Options 中的 Text to Speech 功能來讀一些文字出來

大家可以嘗試用打開 “記事本” [notepad]
CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).speak “ShareChiWai Say Hello to You”

之後把文字檔儲存成 “sharechiwaitrick.vbs
最重要的是把副檔案名 存成 “.vbs
你要把 “save as type” 轉成 “All Files (*.*)” 否則電腦用把這個檔案的副檔案名自動加上”.txt

之後只要用 Mouse double click/滑鼠雙按 開啟 這個 “sharechiwaitrick.vbs”檔案

傳聞: 電腦也有男女之分的
看看讀出文字的是男聲還是女聲吧 =)

Hope you find it interesting

Microsoft Security Essentials Quarantine Folder

My friend has asked where could we find the Quarantine folder for Microsoft Security Essentials. He is interest to see what it looks like and what will happen if he opens the folder.

After doing some research online I found the path finally:
In Windows XP:
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftMicrosoft AntimalwareQuarantine

In Windows Vista / Windows 7

C:ProgramDataMicrosoftMicrosoft AntimalwareQuarantine

You may need to enabled your computer to view hidden file in order to view the Quarantine folder.

Hope you find it useful =)

Check if Hardware/Software compatible with windows 7 –查詢某隻軟件/硬件與Win7 相容

當需要Upgrade 電腦到Windows 7 時大家都可能有同一個憂慮,
就是不知道你現有的電腦軟件和硬件 當你升級到Windows 7時還能不能正常運作

現在想在這裡介紹一個Website 給大家
就是Windows 7 Compatibility Center/ Windows 7 相容性中心

如果大家想Upgrade 現有的電腦
可以試試以下URL Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
了解您的電腦是否可執行 Windows 7

大家可以在這裡搜尋一下你現有的軟件/硬件 和Windows 7 能不能兼容

  1. 相容
  2. 不相容
  3. 和建議升級等等

Hope you find it Useful

Code 8007000D Windows Update encountered an unknown error

When I try to use Windows update today by clicking on the “Check for updates” link on Windows 7. It come up with the error below:
An error occured while checking for new update for your computer
Error(s) found: “Code 8007000D Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

Because this computer is on the network, the windows update is managed by one of the Server. Therefore when I try to retrieve update, it does not work properly. This is the Win7 machine I just setup, I think it would be better to install all the avaliable update. At the end I click on the link below.

Check online for updates from Microsoft Update“.

I found several update for me.

If you had similar problem,  hope you found this useful. I would suggest you to talk to your System Administrator to enable Window Update for Windows 7 on the WIndows Server.

Run application as a Administrator without having to right click on the icon

My friend at work has show me a trick on Windows Vista and Windows 7, about how to run the application as Administrator [Run as administrator] without the need on right click on the application icon and click on [Run as administrator], which is quick and handy.

I use command prompt for scan disk once every two week. I always run it by entering “cmd” on the search text box [Search programs or files], after “cmd” is appeared, I would need to right click and select “Run as administrator” so that I can use the “chkdsk /f” command [scan disk and try to fix disk error?]. Otherwise it will tell you, you do not have the right to execute this command…something like that.

To work around.
1) After you entered the application name on the search text box, instead of pressing “Enter” key, you can press “CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER
2) If you are are choosing the application from the “Start Menu” you can also hold down “CTRL + SHIFT” and click on the application you want to “Run as administrator“. 

Hope you find it useful.

Cannot open CHM file in Windows XP/Vista- Navigation to the Webpage has been cancelled.

When I try to open CHM file on Windows XP or Windows Vista, it always display a message “Navigation to the Webpage has been canceled.“.

Finally I have worked out how to resolve this problem.


Right click on the .CHM file
Click on “Properties
then choose the “General” Tab
At the bottom of that tab, you will see something like

Security: “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer
Click on the “Unblock “button which is beside to this message.
Click “OK
You should be able to view that CHM.File now

Remote Desktop in WinXP Home Edition

I was trying to use “Remote Desktop Connection” to connect to work place via VPN, because it is a lot quicker/smoother then using VNC client. Unfortunately, I cannot find the program under “Start” -> “All Program” -> “Accessories” from my WinXP Home edition laptop. Then, I was recommended to download the third party software. = (

However, I found out that we have option for it. If you don’t want to download the software. May be you can try to type “MSTSC” from “Start” ->”Run“. The remote desktop console should appear. If not, then you can try to download the software from :