WordWrap on Crystal Report?

I have received a task to convert the project handbook from Word Document into Crystal report. It does not sound difficult until I need to do some formatting and Layout.

I had a problem on trying to make a field to display in Multi-line, instead of one line. And I am not able to file a word wrap function on Crystal Report. After spending some time on the web. Finally I find out how to do it.


1) Select the field(s) that you want to enable WordWrap.

2) Right click and select “Format Field” OR “Format Objects” (if you select more than 1 fields)

3) Then in the “Format Editor” Click on the “Common” tab.

4) You will see the screen shot similar as below.

Crystal Reports fields Format Editor

5) Then “Tick” the “Can Grow” check box and click “OK”

6)After you done that you can save the Report and press “F5” to preview the report.

Hopefully you the field will be wrapped into next line.

Good luck

2 thoughts on “WordWrap on Crystal Report?

  1. Anonymous

    I hope this would work, but I don’t know why my “Can Grow” box is grayed out. Do you know how can I active it?

  2. 智/Chi

    Hi sorry for the extremely late reply…

    Could you let me know which version of crystal are you using?
    Do you know if the field that you selected is a numeric value or a String?

    Hope this can help


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