Cannot connect to Internet after connecting VPN?

Not sure if it happened to you after you connect your PC to your Company/School network via VPN.

When I was in Uni, sometime I have to connect VPN in order to download from/submit assessment to University network. After I setup VPN on my computer. My MSN/ICQ and Internet seems to get disconnected. I can only see the university web site and the network drive on the University Network.

I thought that is the only way that VPN work. Until a year after, one of my project team-mate teach me how to solve that issue.

It is quite straight forward.

Here it is the step that can help you solve this Issue.

1) You can set up the VPN connect by follow the uni./Company’s instruction.

2) Once you’ve setup the VPN connection you can do the following.

3)Go to “Start” menu –> “Connect To

4) Right click on the Connection that you want to connect to and select “Properties“.
Connecton Properties
5) Select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”
6) Then click on “Properties” button

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties

7) Click on the “Advanced” button
You will then see the “Advanced TCP/IP Settings” windows as below.

Advanced TCP/IP Settings

8) On the “General Tab
Un-check the option “User default gateway on remote network
Then click on “OK

Once you done it, You can try to connect to the VPN again, and see if it works.

This time MSN/ICQ/ all other applications should still stay online.

Good Luck

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