This application was precompiled with personalization turned off, but it appears to have been turned on after the precompilation, which is not support

I have received a weird error message when I deploy my ASP.Net application to a server. As you know the application your have developed always works on the development environment (When you are running it via Visual Studio) but some strange error/problems may come up then you run it on LIVE/Production Environment. Therefore I try though I should try it out one of the production server by creating another virtual directory for Live Test purpose..

After copying all the files and folders, I loaded up the website. I received the following error.

I have no idea why would this happen. I did search through the Web.Config for the word “profile” and see if the Web.config get changed after I publish the site. Unfortunately I could not find any string which is related with “profile”.

Finally I just add the line below then the error does not appear again.

Happy coding

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