Enable/Disable Snap to Grid feature on Crystal Report XI

I need to update/Re-Create some Crystal Reports from Crystal Report 8.5 to Crystal report XI [Kind of redo the Report into New version].The most annoying thing is to layout the fields/items properly into the report.
Sometime you may want to drag the field into a specific position or want to make the Textbox, Box/Line slightly bigger or smaller. Even move it little bit upward…etc.
You will find that the Textbox/Box/Line always snapped into the grid.
What you can do is to disable that feature. Then you can drag the fields/controls to wherever you want. = ).
Unfortunately the “Snap To Grid” feature is not placed on the normal place. E.g. “Edit/View” menu… After spending sometime on it, I worked out how to do it.
1) Open up the design screen
2) Right click on the “ruler“.
3) Then you will see a menu appear
Snap To Grid feature Crystal Report
4) You just need to click on the “Snap to Grid” option to make sure it does not have the tick next to it.
5) if you want to enable it again, you can do the process above to enable “Snap to Grid” feature.
Hope you find this useful

3 thoughts on “Enable/Disable Snap to Grid feature on Crystal Report XI

  1. Joe Harnew

    Once again ShareChiWai comes to the rescue.. that had been bugging me for AGES!!

    Great Blog! 🙂



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