Where is System.Web.Silverlight.dll ?

When I try to work on a silverlight application today, I realise that I am not able to add System.Web.Silverlight reference and could not find this DLL on my computer. I tried to find it on
“C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsSilverlight”
“C:Program FilesMicrosoft Silverlight3.0.50106.0”
At the end. I find some article online and they said, System.Web.Silverlight is not in Silverlight3 SDK. If you would like to get it you will need to download it from the URL below.

After downloaded and extract “Source Code ASP.NET Server Controls for Silverlight – Samples” you should be able to find the System.Web.Silverlight.dll inside the ASPNETServerControlsSilverlight folder .


Hope you find it useful.

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