Crystal Report Crashed When Opening .rpt file

I am having a problem on my crystal report 11.5. The application that I create cannot load the Crystal Report file, when i try to open a crystal report file(.rpt) that I created a year ago.[which i have edited last week.] 
All of sudden, it just started to crash the Crystal Report application as soon as I open it. 

I have asked my friend to open the same file on his machine and it works… (This .rpt is stored on the network drive). I guess it is something wrong on my computer.
However, i remember that I had silimar issue before, which is caused by the default printer.
Here it is my solution.
  1. Start-> Devices and Printers or [Printers and Faxes]
  2. Select an alternative printer as your default printer.
  3. Try to open up the .rpt again. It should works.
Hope this can help =)

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