Crystal report PDF font size get reduced/smaller

I just realised the font/text on PDF which I created by using Crystal report get resized. They displays fine on Crystal report preview screen and they were printed ok. When I try to print the same report from the PDF, the print out looks smaller.
After trying to fix it on the Crystal Report(Report option) and Adobe Reader(Print option). I realise that the only the Font get resized and all the Images/Box…etc they are all fine.
Finally, I found out that it is a bug on Crystal Report, it occurs since version 10, (or even eariler).
Here it is the solutions.
You need to modify your computer’s registry in order to fix it.
1) Press “Start” menu and click on “Run” (In Windows XP)
2) Type “regedit” and press Enter to open up Registry Editor
3) On the Registry Editor click on the “+” on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER
4) Then expand “Software”-> “Business Objects”-> “Suite 11.5
5) Click on “Export” and “PDF” if the PDF folder does not exist here
6) Right click on “Export” and Select “New”-> “Key” and rename it as “PDF”
7) After that right click on “PDF” and click on “New”->”DWORD” value and rename it to “ForceLargerFonts
8) Set 1 as the value of “ForceLargerFonts
9) Close Registry Editor and restart Crystal Report application
10) Try to export a PDF and see it the problem has been fixed
Hope this can help.

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