Run application as a Administrator without having to right click on the icon

My friend at work has show me a trick on Windows Vista and Windows 7, about how to run the application as Administrator [Run as administrator] without the need on right click on the application icon and click on [Run as administrator], which is quick and handy.

I use command prompt for scan disk once every two week. I always run it by entering “cmd” on the search text box [Search programs or files], after “cmd” is appeared, I would need to right click and select “Run as administrator” so that I can use the “chkdsk /f” command [scan disk and try to fix disk error?]. Otherwise it will tell you, you do not have the right to execute this command…something like that.

To work around.
1) After you entered the application name on the search text box, instead of pressing “Enter” key, you can press “CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER
2) If you are are choosing the application from the “Start Menu” you can also hold down “CTRL + SHIFT” and click on the application you want to “Run as administrator“. 

Hope you find it useful.

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