Did you set your website as your browser’s Home Page?

I am interest to know which Home Page did you set as your browser’s Home Page. For me, I normal set it as blank page. Not long ago, I have set it to iGoogle, which allow me to view a lot of information from the same page, via diffenet Gadget. E.g. Email, Google Talk, weather…etc very convenient.

I guess it is good set your own website and the Home Page as well, so that it will load up the page every time when you start up the browser. It has several benefit =).

  1. Increase the hit of the Website
  2. To check if you website is down
  3. Check if your website get HACKED

The last 2 points above did happened to me… Just all of sudden, my friend has contacted me and ask if the website is down. The first time is, the web hosting company get hacked, most of their client website’s index page has been replace by the hacker’s page. Another example is, people forgot to pay the web hosting fee, at the end the website get suspended. If I have set that website as my home page, I probably know it a lot sooner.

That’s is why, I have updated Home Page URL to be my website.

Hope you find it useful.

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