Motorola Milestone on Android 2.1 User experience I

I have updated Milestone to Android 2.1 few days ago. This is how I felt after the upgrade.
Live wallpaper support
– This is a very cool feature, which allow you to select animated/interactive wallpaper. It looks beautiful, and make me feel more relax when I look at that Live Wallpaper[I have chosen “Grass“, which will change depend on the time of the date]. You can also choose Map(an Interactive Google Map, but you have to ensure you have internet access, otherwise the map cannot be show) as your Live Wallpaper.

Configurable multi home screen panels (up to 9 screens)
After upgraded to 2.1. It has increased the Home screen panels to 5 screens, which make it easier for me to use different screen to group different applications together [E.g. A screen for games, widget like Google finance]. However, I have no idea where to configure to have 9 screens. Fortunately, when I try to change the “Brightness” of the screen, I saw a new list item which is “Number of home panels“. Inside “Number of home panels” you can configure you mobile to have 3,5,7,9 panels on your home screen.

If you could not find where to configure multi home screen panels, you can try the following:
Settings“–>”Sound & display” –>”Number of home panels

Hope you find it useful.

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