Motorola Milestone System Updates to Android 2.1

In there few days, I have a strong feeling which I can upgrade the Milestones Operating System to Android 2.1. I guess it is because my friend told me his HTC Tattoo will be able to upgrade to Android 2.1 soon, at the moment I wish I has Tattoo instead of Milestone which is a lot cheaper and it also have some feature that I want but it is not avaliable on Milestone yet.

I hope this release will fix several issue. E.g. BlueTooth still does not work on all device, Sometime it crash when you playing music.[You cannot pause/stop the music after the screen lock], when the keyboard is opened, you cannot use the Compass.

In this update, they said they have enhances the performance in various perspectives

  1. Live wallpaper support
  2. Configurable multi home screen panels (up to 9 screens) <– I am not sure how to get 9 screens, I have only find 5 at the moment.
  3. Voice Dialer app (English for HK)<– Seems to work well
  4. Motorola Camera app <– They have splited the camera app into 2 now. One for phone another one for video, They have also changed the UI, which may take time to get used to.
  5. Facebook app
  6. HelpCenter app <– this app is a bit pointless, What it does is create some button on the app, which will link to a webpage for user guide/ tutorial about how to use Milestone.
  7. Quickoffice app (viewer only)
  8. Moto Car Home app
  9. Additional languages support (Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Turkish)  <–Unfortunately, it still does not support Chinese. it would be great to have chinese input ChangJie, T9 for the chinese input method like HTC/Acer.

The update process is very smooth which is same as before. Overall, I think this update did improve the user experience of using this mobile quite a lot. Do you agree?

For more information, please visit the URL below.

Have fun!!! =)

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