Reason for failure: Rfcomm connection error, when you try to send file via Bluetooth on Android.

After upgraded my Motorola Milestone from Android 2.0.1 to 2.1, I tried to send file via Bluetooth from my mobile to my laptop[which use Windows Vista]. When I try to send a file via bluetooth. I have received the following error:
“Reason for failure: Rfcomm connection error”
which is the same error that I received before. Fortunately, I just remember something I may need to do in order to receive a file which sent via bluetooh And it WORKS =).

Here it is the way I get around this issue.

  1. Before you send the file to your computer, you would need to ensure you have enabled Bluetooth on both of your device.
  2. Then Click on the Bluetooth icon on your computer,and click on “Receive a File“. <– this will tell you computer, it is waiting to receive a file which is send via Bluetooth.
  3. Now you can start to send file from your mobile via Bluetooth.

Finally your computer should be able to receive this file.

Hope you find it useful =)

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