Window7 application go transparent

Do you find it annoying when you are using Win7, all off sudden all your application on the desktop has become transparent? This is one of the COOL feature on Win7. When you move your move to bottom right-hand corners,  it will trigger the “Peek at Desktop” function. It allow you to peek your desktop. 

I find it annoying when I am developing some application, which have to type lots of code and I guess my elbow has moved the mouse to the bottom right-hand corner.
If you would like to turn off this feature you can do the following:

1) On your desktop, move the mouse on the bottom right-hand corner. [Next to the Time/clock]
2) Right click on the “Show Desktop” button
3) Click on “Peek at Desktop“, this should un-tick this feature.

Hope you find it useful =)

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