Android sync the time with Network provider

Do you find that sometime the TIME on your watch/phone/computer is not so accurate?
I just have my Milestone for 3 and half motnhs. and I have updated the time when I was in Hong Kong [During count down for 2010]. The time on my mobile should have less then 1 mins different to any other time. However it is running 3 minutes faster than it should, so I got up about 3 minutes earlier and wasted another 3 mins on the bus stop. [I want to ensure I do not miss the bus, as it is one bus per hours …= ( ]. I decided to update the time on my mobile.

Just find a cool feature on my [Android] mobile, which  can sync the time from the network provide. I guess this is mean the time on your mobile will be the same as the time on your service provider. 

Where is it?
On your Android:
1) Launch “Settings” and click on “Date & Time
2) Then you can click on the check box for the setting “Automatic” [Use network-provided values]

The time on you mobile should be correct now. You have no excuse to be LATE =).

Hope you find it useful =)

2 thoughts on “Android sync the time with Network provider

    1. ShareChiWai Post author

      Hi, which Android phone do you have? and what network are you using? it the time always out of sync too?


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