Changes to 64-bit application are not allowed.

64-bits development environment seems to make life more difficult, when I try to edit my code on debug mode or after hitting the break point, a popup message come up and tell me that I cannot not do what I used to do when I was using 32 bits development environment.

I find it easier, to have the ability to edit the code on the debug mode , so that you can test out the code by using different programming logic/variable [while stepping through the break point] …etc.

Fortunately, I have find a way to work around this issue.

Here it is my solutions.
1) On Visual Studio Open “My Project” from the “Solution Explorer
2) Click on the “Compile” Tab
3) Then Click on “Advanced Compile Options…
Select “Advanced Compiler Settings” -> Update Target CPU property to “x86” instead of “Any CPU
I am able to edit my code in the debug mode, after I set the break point.
Happy coding. 

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