Free Visual Studio 2010 Shortcut/Cheatsheet Poster.

Just found a very useful link for Visual Studio 2010, that allow you to download the Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Shortcut for C++, C#, F# and VB.

Here it is the download website Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Cards

It is good to know some of the shortcut in Visual Studio.
E.g. When you are developing a website, you can use “Ctrl + K” + “Ctrl + D” to format the code on the current document you can also use “Ctrl + K” + “Ctrl + F” to format the selected code.

one thing bother me a lot is the “Undo” shortcut which I though it should be “Ctrl + Y” [which is most of the application do] However in Visual Studio, it is “Ctrl + Shift + Z“…

Hope you find it useful.

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