Silverlight 4 Release 15-04-2010

Silverlight 4 has released finally. When I went to Microsoft MIX 2010. They show us lots of cool features and stuff that you can do on Silverlight 4. Hope I can have some spare time to develop some cool stuff in Silverlight.

Just find a annoying thing on Silverlight 4 release.
All the application that I developed via Silverlight Beta/RC is not working anymore [I guess it probably happen to most of the developer, who has developed some application by using the beta/RC version of SilverLight 4]
When I load up my blog today. The following message pop-up.

I would need to recompile all the application that I created before by using the RC/Beta version. In order to get it works again.

Hope I can upgrade all my app this weekend. =)

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