Griffin Broadband Router Setting Linksys AG241V2

I had a problem on using Router connect to the Internet today. When I try to check the router settings, I have discovered the disaster has happened. I found that all the router setting is gone. I remember it did take me a while to set up the ADSL connection by using Router. It is not as straight forward as the other ISP.(The ISP is Griffin Broadband.)

Fortunately, I still has a USB modem which I can use to connect to the Internet. [and try to complete the
data transfer process at work and solve the router problem].

Finally I have worked out how to config the router to connect to Griffin Broadband.

Here it is the configuration.

On Encapsulation Select “RFC 2364 PPPoA
Multiplexing: “LLC
Qos Type “UBR” or it can be anything.
The important part,which I have struggle with is “Virtual Circuit” part
Your would need to disable “Autodetect”
Then change VCI to “38
You can leave DSL Modultion as “MultiMode
Then fill in your “Username” and “Password
Finally click on the “Save Settings” Button.

 If your username/password and telephone line is ok. You should be able to access internet.

Hope this could Help!
Good Luck

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