Motorola Milestone System Updates to Android 2.1 Update 1 26-May-2010

After seeing review of the new version of Motorola Milestone XT701. I guess Motorola may release another update for the first version of Milestone, so that it will have Chinese interface and Chinese input like Changjie, E.g. same software as Motorola Milestone XT701.

It is a bit disppointed on this update, all I discovered it has more language option on the “Lanaguage & Keyboard Settings” is has “Chinese/中文” Interface. but the feature which I really want “ChangJie” input is not there yet.(my chinese writing is awlful…)

However, Motorola has not updated this release onto their website yet. I guess they would have more feature included on this update to make it better.

If you want to update your Motorola Milestone to use Chinese interface, you can do it now =)

Have fun

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