Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Today I am going to uninstall SQL2008 from my computer. I knew that it is possible to uninstall it from “Control Panel” ->”Program and Feature“, however, I am not sure if I need to remove all the parts separately.

I spent some time to check if there any place that on SQL2008 has a Uninstall button [E.g. from Start Menu]

and to use SQL2008 DVD to see if it provide the option to un-install the application like most of the other application do… The answer is NO.

 At the end I decided to uninstall SQL2008 by using “Program and Feature” and Select “Microsoft SQL Server 2008“. Fortunately, after I click on uninstall, It display the options for me to select “Add/Repair/Remove“. Hopefully this can help me remove the SQL2008 completely.

 Then I need to install some setup file to help me un-install SQL2008, and to confirm which intance I am going to remove and click “Next“.

After a while, it has uninstalled SQL2008 on my laptop =)

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