Win2008 Disable force to update password after 30 days ->Make Maximum machine account password will never expire

Have been set up a Virtual PC and installed Windows Server 2008 last year and would like to try something in Windows Server 2008. However one thing which annoy me is it require me to change my password every 30 days. That mean I need to use different password every month. The worst thing is I do not think I will login every month, so I cannot remember which password I used before. Finally I find a way to disable the feature in Windows 2008 for user to change their password every 30 day.

1) Click on “Start” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Local Security Policy

2) Inside the “Local Security Policy” click on “+” to Expand “Account Policies

3) Click on “Password Policy” and double Click on “Maximum password age

4) Then you will see the “Maximum password age Properties

5) You can set the maximum password age here. The values must be between 0998.

0” mean the Password will not expire.

If you have better way to achieve that/my concept is not correct, please leave me a message so that I can correct it.

Hope you find it useful.

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