Started to Develop SAP Business One 2007

Cant believe I just started to use/Develop SAP Business One 2007, however SAP Business One 8.8 already released. [Actually I supposed to develop some plug-in for SAP BO2007 one and half years ago, however, I was busy on doing other projects. Finally, I have managed to start now] Anyway, it is a good chance for me to extents my knowledge on SAP development. When I first started, I was struggling to set up the development environment. E.g. Even though I have got the dll/library which I have copied from my friend. I still cannot use it on my machine. [Win7 64bits VS2010], which used to work when I use XP with VS2005.
It probably better for me to make note from now, just in case I need to work on some other project and forgot how to setup the development environment in future, and also if maybe useful, if you like me who just started to develop SAP BO2007 now. We are more likely will come across similar issue.
Hope you find it useful.

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