TFS Preview Issue TF30063, TF31003, TF205020, on 2012-05-01

今天當我嘗試開啟一個以TFS Preview 作為Source Control的程式時
我的Visual Studio 2010 彈出了一些錯誤信息..

TF30063: You are not authorized to access – to remove server returned an error (401) Unauthorized
TF30063: You are not authorized to access - te remove server returned an error (401) Unauthorized
之後我嘗試用Team Explorer 嘗試連接 TFS Preview 時卻出現以下錯誤

TF31003: Either you have not entered the necessary credentials or your user account does not have permission to connect to the Team Foundation Server… Click the Use different credentials link below, or ask your server administrator to add the appropriate permissions to your account.

當我按了”Retry“之後 “Sign-In to Team Foundation Server” 的對話方塊彈了出來.. 看來他是嘗試登入…但是最終都是失敗…這個動作重覆了2-3次… 之後還是彈出同個錯誤信息..
to Team Foundation Server keep in refreshing
TF205020: A connection could not be made to the following server:\DefaultCollection. This server was used during your most recent session, but it might be offline, or network problems might be preventing the connection. Contact the administrator for Team Foundation Server to confirm that the server is available on the network. To attempt to connect to this server or a different server, open the Team menu, and click Connect to Team Foundation Server.

我以為是自己的TFS Preview帳號被人入侵了…之後嘗試使用Browser來連接TFS Preview Server... 結果是沒有問題…順利登入..和看到我在TFS Preview上的Project
但是在Visual Studio 上還是找不到解決的方法…
最後靜下來..想一想 終於找到解決方法了

問題的原因是因為TFS Preview應該我輸入的使用者出現問題..
由於我在VS2010的”Sign-In to Team Foundation Server” 選擇了”Stay Signed In” 這個選項
所以我便嘗試開啟Internet Explorer (IE)..
之後按”Tools/工具“->”Internet Options/網絡選項
在”Browsing History/ 瀏覽記錄” Section上按一下”Delete../刪除..
Delete Internet Browsing History from Internet Explorer
在”Delete Browsing History/刪除瀏覽記錄“的對話方塊上一定要選擇”Cookies“和”Password/密碼

之後再次嘗試用Visual Studio連接TFS Preview..應該是可以連上的


Hope you find it useful

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    1. ShareChiWai Post author

      是有需要的…不然如果你在其他電腦上download這一個Project的話..他便會失去了NuGet Download下來的DLL..
      Please correct me if my concept is wrong


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