Nokia Repair Centre Review – Nokia Technical Support Centre portal – Track Your Phone feature doesn’t update frequently?

Today I just realise, Nokia Technical Support Centre website has “Track Your Phone” feature, which allow user to track the repair status of your phone. All you need to do is to provide your Postcode and Customer Reference Number.
Track status of your phone Nokia
After fill in all the necessary information and click on “Search“, it will show you all the information related with the repair status related with the provided Customer Reference Number, it also has a very nice interface to show you the status, E.G. “Online Booking made“, “Received at Nokia“, “In Repair Centre“, “On way back to you“. As well as “Job log“. E.g. what has been done…etc.
Nokia Repair Centre Job Log
However, the information doesn’t seem to get update frequently, as I have received an email from Nokia Repair Centre yesterday 19th Nov 2012 said: “Hi Chi,

Just to let you know that your Nokia 800 (Lumia) Black has now arrived at the Repair Centre and will be assessed by an engineer shortly.

We will continue to email you with status updates throughout the repair process.
But up until now 20th Nov 2012 on the “Track Your Phone” page, it shown that it is still on “Online booking made” stage, not even on “Received at Nokia yet“.
Nokia Repair Centre Job Summary
I hope Nokia could resolve this issue, so that customer could make use of this portal.

Wish me Luck

2 thoughts on “Nokia Repair Centre Review – Nokia Technical Support Centre portal – Track Your Phone feature doesn’t update frequently?

  1. Tyson

    I have just had my phone returned Ref No 56707, in the letter it says that you couldn’t find the fault I reported but again the camera isn’t working, on the Lumia Camera it goes straight back to the home page and the other camera opens but when you try to take a picture it also returns to the home page, I am really disappointed that you didn’t find this fault.

    1. ShareChiWai Post author

      Hi Tyson,

      I am sorry to hear that, have you tried to contact Nokia again, and ask them to do a full system test. I would suspect they will ask you do a factory reset, I think they probably do the same, in the repair centre. May be it is worth to try it. If it still did not work, do they a video to show them the issue.

      Good Luck



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