Nokia Repair Services Review Part 1 – My Nokia Phone did not switch on

This time last year, Nokia started to sell one of the best Windows Phone in Year 2011. Nokia Lumia 800. I am very fortunate to get one. However, the battery life on this phone is not very good, and I started to have problem on charging up the phone around 2 months ago. At the end of October 2012, my Nokia Lumia 800 failed to power up at all, and did not charge even using the power supply. It is time to use Nokia Technical Service/ After Sales Services.

I went to the Nokia website [], and tried to diagnose the problem and see if there was any way I could boot up the phone. At least so that I could back up my data/Photo/Video and upload some of my notes to Skydrive, because I knew if I sent off the phone to Nokia repair centre, then all the data may be removed.

Nokia Technical Support Centre
Nokia Technical Support Centre is good site, and can you help you diagnose the problem and show you possible fixes, that could help you to resolve the problem.
Select the category which suitable your situation:
Select the category which suitable your situation

After Selecting “Power“, a list of issue which is related with “Power” appear
Power Related Issue

Select “My Phone won’t switch on” – it bring me to another page which has Instruction to show me what could I do to resolve this issue.

Solution 1:
Solution 1

Solution 2:
Solution 2

Unfortunately: none of the solution work for my issue.. I guess My phone is dead completely, I would have to “book a repair
Book a Repair

Because I was not sure if the warranty cover was still active, I posted a message on twitter try and find out. They have gave me an email address to send my enquiry to. So I sent all the information regarding my phone issue, the IMEI, my contact information etc and received a very nice/ polite/ helpful reply from the Nokia Care Escalation team member. He answered lots of questions, and also arranged a collection with UPS to collect my faulty Nokia Lumia 800 phone. I was very impressed by the customer services of the Nokia Team.

You can also arrange for collection [by UPS ]/ post [Free Post via Royal Mail] your phone by yourself or drop your phone to Phone4u shop, they will do it for you

At the point I would give 10/10 of Nokia Care Services and the web portal.

to be continue...

Nokia Repair Services Review Part 2 – Nokia Collect my faulty Phone


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