Nokia repair services review part 5 – Nokia were unable to repair my Lumia 800, instead they decided to exchange my phone for another one in a poor condition with scratches on the screen.

On Wednesday 14th Nov 2012, I have received an email from Nokia Repair Centre‘:
Hi Chi,
We were unable to repair your Nokia Lumia 800 and have instead exchanged it for you. The replacement is now on its way back to you via UPS. The UPS tracking number is 1Z5760X46850xxxxxx and you can check its status by clicking here or go to

At this point, that means all the data I did not managed to back up will be gone completely, as they are unable to repair my Lumia 800 and going to exchange another phone for me instead. The good thing is, I will be expecting the exchanged phone are in good condition, e.g. I understood it is just an exchanged phone, probably someone already used before i.e. a refurbished phone. However, I would expect this phone won’t have any scratches, watermarks, i.e.. Moisture marks, fingerprint on the screen, and it is on the latest Operating System and Firmware …etc.

I received the phone on Thursday 15th Nov 2012 as expected; I was surprised after I unbox the packaging. The exchanged Nokia Lumia 800 was in pretty bad condition, can’t believe the exchanged phone they send back to me has scratches all over the screen and at the back of the phone it also has lots of watermarks, i.e.. Moisture marks, which is probably cause by the plastic case. It looks very disguising, I don’t even want to touch that phone. Could you imagine what could cause this watermarks/ moisture marks, is the previous user may put the phone into their pocket, and the swear/moisture stuck between the case and the back of the phone…

Scratches on the screen [it is hard to show on the picture, but you can still see it]
Nokia Lumia 800 screen scratches

Scratches all over the camera plate
Nokia Lumia 800 scratches all over the camera plate

Moisture marks at the back of the phone
Moisture mark at the back of the Nokia Lumia 800
Then I tried to contact Nokia Care view email and Nokia Twitter account, hope they can get back to me, as you may realise Nokia trying to fix my Nokia Lumia 800 issue since beginning of Nov 2012, and I has been sending off my phone to them for 2 times already, and every time I receive the phone back, I do not think people in Nokia Repair Centre are trying their best to solve the problem properly and ensure the customer is satisfies with the repair. I have been messaging Nokia Twitter account and they have notices the problem I am had. They have advised me to contact another email.

Then I went to Nokia website and realise they have an online Live chat section, with I could talk/message to Nokia Care team directly. I had explained my situation once again provided all the information I had, e.g. IMEI number, Customer Reference … etc and uploaded the picture of the exchanged phone. He said the will flag this issue to resolution team, and they will get back to me as soon as they can. I knew that if they do not get back to me on Thursday 15th Nov 2012, I would need to wait until next week until they can give me another exchange phone or collect this exchanged phone and replace me with another one.

I would guess, as I supposed to get my phone fix properly at the first time [which should only takes about 1 week], but now they have exchanged a poor condition phone for me after their second attempt to fix my phone. I would expect they should treat this case in more high priority, as it could cause me not be able to use my phone for more than 3 weeks.

However, I still have not receive any call back from Nokia Care/ Resolution team, so I have contacted the Nokia Live Chat, at 1720 on Thursday 15th Nov 2012, and see if they would contact me today and try to get the problem solve. I had belief explained my situation again, the Nokia care has made another note to ask the relevant team to contact me. Finally around 1915 on Thursday, Nokia Care Escalation Team has contacted me, however, she doesn’t seem to know/read the conversation which I had messaged via Nokia Live Chat, she keep on thinking Nokia Repair Centre did not managed to fix my Nokia Lumia 800 once again and told me to book another repair and this time, she will allocate me to another Nokia Service Centre and their engineer will evaluate the phone in more details, try to fix the phone. She don’t really understood the situation is , Nokia Repair Centre has exchanged the phone for me with a poor condition phone, which has lots of scratches on the screen and lots of watermarks at the back of the phone. I have to explain my situation to her again. This is my THIRD time to explain my issue. I do hope Nokia Care has a better communication software [Call logging], which allow them to track/read different conversation related with the case from different department, so that as User/Customer do not need to explain the issue again and again.

She has suggested me to book another Repair collection, so that their engineer could fully investigate the situation of the phone and make the appropriate replace if possible. In the meantime, I have proposed that Nokia should send me another phone first, and let me inspect and evaluate, once I am happen with the condition of the exchanged phone, The carrier can pick up that poor condition phone, as I will not accept a exchanged phone which has scratches all over the screen [as in the promotion video did show that Nokia Lumia has gorilla glass, which has hard to get scratches, in this situation, the exchanged Lumia 800 do have lots of scratches, it would make me imagine that phone has been in serious damaged. If I do accept that phone, no one could guarantee, and no test report to show that if there has no internal hardware issue at the moment, but after few weeks I accepted the phone, the internal hardware issue my start to appear]. Otherwise, it will waste my time to having to book another repair and having the hassle /chance that, they repair me with another poor condition Nokia Lumia 800.

Unfortunately, she said the rule in the Nokia is. I have to send the phone back to Nokia Repair Centre and their engineer will have to inspect/ evaluate the exchanged phone and provide necessary replace/fix. Then send me back the repaired exchange phone. I did once again inform them, I WILL NOT ACCEPT the exchanged phone with scratches on the screen and lots of watermarks on the back on the phone, as well as the phone did not have latest update, which mean I would need to spent another 1.5 hours to update the firmware. She said she will put a notes onto my case with my IMEI number to ensure their engineer will try their best to see what they can do.

Once again I had booked a repair and UPS will collect my phone next day.

Wish me Luck.
To Be continue…

2 thoughts on “Nokia repair services review part 5 – Nokia were unable to repair my Lumia 800, instead they decided to exchange my phone for another one in a poor condition with scratches on the screen.

  1. Sukhen Sharma

    Dude any update on the above issue?

    I am also having a similar issue, where I am being told that we have replaced your phone.

    When I asked if it is new phone, I was told yes, it is a new phone “For you”

    I understood what they meant. Please advise

  2. ShareChiWai Post author

    Sorry, My issue has been fixed, however it is not a new phone. They just give me the same phone with repaired screen, the other annoying thing is… the OS is kind of FXXKED UP, I am not able to update to OS7.8.. and the phone is out of warranty now, I cant send it back to them… it is kind of suck…
    Good luck for you…


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