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Google Apps Control Panel Does not work on IE9 – 使用IE9 瀏覽 Goolge Apps Control 出現DOM 錯誤

IE9 終於發佈了…
他給我的感覺得lightweight 所以感覺十分流暢
很可惜..當我嘗試使用 IE9 來瀏覽/管理我的Google Apps時 出現了 一些DOM 的錯誤

Unexpected error: (undefined): DOM Exception: INVAID_CHARACTER_ERR(5)
” etc

用其他Browser來瀏覽 Google Apps Page
嘗試用FireFox, IE8, Google Chrome 也沒有出現這個問題
或使用 IE9 Compatibility View兼容性視圖“便可以了

希望 IE9 Google 可以解決這個問題

Hope you find it useful keep on redirecting – work around

Since few months ago, when I try to go to my Google Document via, the browser will keep on redirecting me to the authenticate page. However this page just has a redirect loop. I have tried on different browser, and some other method which people suggested. Like Clear Browser History/cookies..etc. The result is the same.

Finally, I have worked out how to get around it and go to my Google Document without having the redirect loop problem.

Here it is the solution:
Instead of going to Google Document via you can use: use docs instead of doc.

Hope you find it useful.