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SAP Business One 2007 SDK .Net

公司現在用的 是 SAP Business One 2007, 現在有一些項目想我們可以 自動化
待其他同事不同使用SAP 來輸入一些 可以自動化的資料

這是我第一次接觸SAP 的所以都不知道從何入手
第一部當然是Download和Install SAP Business One 2007 的SDK

我不太了解SAP WEB PORTAL 所以用了很久才找到

幸好…我最終都可以在這個環境 Download/ Install 和開始用VS2010 來Develop 我的SAP Application

如果其他朋友也想下載 SAP BUSINESS ONE 2007 SDK 可以到以下的 URL
SAP Business One Development Tools
在這裡你可以Download SAP Business One 2007 和 最近Version的 SAP Business One 8.8

要安裝SAP Business One 2007 SDK 的朋友…有些事項要留意的
我找了很久和問了很多人才安裝到這個SDK 的 [可能我太不聰明吧]

你的電腦要有VS200/VS2008  SAP Business One 2007Client
你亦都不能開始你的development 了

將來有時間的話我會upload 多一點我在develop SAP的問題和解決方法/教學等等

如果你也是用.NET 寫SAP 的朋友請你留言 大家可以一起研究研究 =)

Started to Develop SAP Business One 2007

Cant believe I just started to use/Develop SAP Business One 2007, however SAP Business One 8.8 already released. [Actually I supposed to develop some plug-in for SAP BO2007 one and half years ago, however, I was busy on doing other projects. Finally, I have managed to start now] Anyway, it is a good chance for me to extents my knowledge on SAP development. When I first started, I was struggling to set up the development environment. E.g. Even though I have got the dll/library which I have copied from my friend. I still cannot use it on my machine. [Win7 64bits VS2010], which used to work when I use XP with VS2005.
It probably better for me to make note from now, just in case I need to work on some other project and forgot how to setup the development environment in future, and also if maybe useful, if you like me who just started to develop SAP BO2007 now. We are more likely will come across similar issue.
Hope you find it useful.

SAP Business One 2007 System Requirement

I have been searching for SAP Business One 2007 System Requirement for quite a long time. I am not sure why I cannot find it.

Unfortunately, the company I work, just upgrade their B12005 to B12007 and apparently B12007 only support MSSQL Server 2005 (If you are using MSSQL) and It will work on SQL 2000, but if you encounter any problem, SAP guy do not have to answer you question, as the system requirement did not say they support SQL 2000…

If you are looking for System Requirement for SAP Business One 2007.

Here it is the link. Hope this can save you time.
B12007, SAP System Requirement.

B12007 System Requirement, SAP System Requirement, B12007, B12005, SQL Server 2005